There are 2 parts to a roast that important to get just right. If the roast potatoes or Yorkshire puddings fail a roast is left a disappointing pile of soggy vegetables and meat. They are often elements that we all struggle at getting just right, so here are a compiled list of tips to make yours perfect!

Roast Potatoes

Let’s start with the kings of the roast, the roast potato. Crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside, but how come every time we try they end up either falling apart or burnt? These tips should hopefully change that.

First, once the potatoes have been parboiled in a pan, drain and return them to the pan. Pop a lid on and rattle and shake them, bashing the outsides of the potatoes so they are a little fluffy. This creates a larger surface for the hot oil to collect creating crispy potatoes.

Next, the oil must be extremely hot in the baking tray before adding the potatoes. This is why the choice of oil or fat is important – a high smoking point is ideal. My mum and the likes of Nigella swear by goose fat for it’s smoking point and the flavour it adds. Sunflower oil is also a good choice!

Finally, shake a couple of times during cooking to ensure completely covered in oil or fat. This way you’ll end up with potatoes that are crispy all over.

Yorkshire Puddings

These are also tough to master. Flat or ballooning puddings can be a regular scene. Follow these tips for a perfect pud!

When making the batter it’s important it doesn’t end up with lumps in. To ensure this, sift the flour and then add the eggs and whisk together. Then gradually add the milk, whisking as you go. This will give you lump free batter.

Next, the batter must be left to rest. Around 30 minutes will be enough , but it can be left for up to a day! When adding the batter to muffin tin make sure the batter is room temperature
Much like the potatoes, the oil in the muffin tin must be hot before adding the batter. 1cm of oil in each hole is ideal, and using a jug, pour even amounts of batter in each. Pop them in the oven and do NOT open it until they are done.

Now go out and cook!